Words of Wisdom Message

Sharing a message for today that life is surely not an easy journey. Take the time to love and appreciate your family and friends. Reach out to others and show that you care but also don’t force yourself on anyone that can’t value your genuine worth. Avoid taking people for granted because tomorrow is not a promise.
Pray about things and make decisions that are healthy for changes because again tomorrow is not a promise. Ask for forgiveness when needed from the people you hurt and God; but take accountability and responsibility for the damages done. Then, take acceptance for the learning and experiences gained. Repent and start a new path remembering that forgetting is not instantaneously when the process of forgiveness begins because time will surely heal.
Remember to breathe and live and be okay at times if you make mistakes once you recognize the errors and learn from them. Most importantly love yourself and be the best version of yourself for your own personal growth and development and not anyone else’s version of you. Live by ethical and moral codes and conduct. Don’t lie, steal, be manipulative or cheat from others for your success. Build on truth, honesty, compassion and good character. Gain insight and awareness in this wonderful journey. Weigh the risk and benefits of some decisions and actions but take leaps of faith along the way. Follow through with your ideas, dreams and goals. Believe in yourself and don’t focus on the negative things that others may think or say of you. Continue to validate yourself with words of affirmations. Work on engaging, encouraging and empowering yourself and others. Find time to laugh and have fun. Ask God for guidance because you can’t and will not be successful if he’s not by your side. Find less time saying never or I can’t do it instead I will try. Take the time to cry, be angry and grieve because these are healthy emotions but remember to keep moving through it all and deal with your emotions and don’t sweep it under the carpet or keep it buried.
Remember that you can respectfully agree to disagree because this is part of growth and development. Every day may present a new challenge or situation but keep trying and pushing through it still. Remain flexible and adaptable because plans and things are subject to change at times and you have to adjust. You will fall but please do get up. Life is a test and you will get through this journey with God being by your side so please don’t give up. Remember that you have to exist and coexist with life’s decisions whether good or bad. Life is a revolving door so continue to make changes again along the way to better the quality of your life. There is sunrise and sunset in life but what never fails is God’s love for us all. Please don’t give up. Keep trying, stay hopeful and faithful in this journey called life. I am living the roles of being the nurse, patient and provider. I am a work in progress and I pray you are as well.
I love you and God loves you even more. Blessings in abundance.
Dr. Judy E. Vansiea

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