A Tribute to My Grandparents

This month marks the 3rd year of my Grannie’s passing and burial. May her soul rest in peace. Not long after her, my Grandaddy passed away, leaving us just seven months later. The deep impact they had on my life are memories I carry close to my heart.

As I reflect on the love and wisdom my grandparents passed to me, I am drawn to the belief that people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. For me, my grandparents were my lifetime for 48 years. Their passing left a void in my life but their love story, spanning over 68 years of marriage, continues to inspire and guide me.

Raised by them since birth in Monrovia, Liberia, I was fortunate enough to experience their love. They nurtured me, taught me, comforted me, and celebrated my achievements, being present at every graduation from nursery to Doctorate, including my military Officers Basic Training graduation in San Antonio, TX. They introduced me to God, guided me through life, and taught me the value of perseverance.

They prepared me for life’s adversities and planted in me the seeds of independence and strength. I still remember my Grannie’s words, “Angel, let God be your guide,” a mantra that now holds even greater meaning to me amidst the storms of life. My Granddaddy’s morning routine of giving me lunch money created an everlasting bond between us, the memory of which brings me comfort in difficult times.

Life is difficult without their physical presence, but I feel prepared to face whatever comes my way. They showed me what a healthy marriage looks like, taught me business skills, and showed unconditional love for me and my children.

I was fortunate to have them live with me between 2000 and 2008, which gifted me with countless memories that I cherish. From my Doctorate graduation in 2015 to the time they ran me over with an electric chair during a shopping trip in 2019. These moments, captured in photographs, serve as lasting reminders of their humor, strength, and love. Their humor and good-naturedness continue to light up my world, even in their absence.

As I pay tribute to my grandparents today, I also offer support to those who are coping with grief. I hope that sharing my experience can offer some comfort and strength to others in similar situations. It’s a journey of mourning and healing, but also one of gratitude and celebration of the legacy left by those who shaped us.

If you, too, are grieving a loss, I want to remind you that you are not alone in your sorrow. Reach out, express, share – because when grief is shared, it is halved, and it can be healed.

I am the woman, mother, and provider I am today because of the values my grandparents nurtured in me. So here’s to them, and to all of us who carry the love and wisdom of our lost loved ones within us.

See you in the next life when we meet again, Grannie and Grandad.


Angel (AKA)

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